about wolfshirt records
    Wolfshirt Records is an organization based out of Southern Ontario. We are here to create a place to centralize artists and people alike. We welcome anyone to become a part of Wolfshirt such as writers, musicians, artists, and especially the people who just want to enjoy these things. Wolfshirt Records believes the best way to enjoy art is by creating a community where artists and fans have a mutual relationship where they are able to feed off of each others positive energy. We are here to provide the means of producing and promoting art, so if you like what you hear about Wolfshirt Records please do not hesitate to get in contact with us in person, by phone, or by the net.

Things Wolfshirt can offer are:

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering service
Logistics of a record release (such as artwork, pressing, and promotion)
Show Promotion
Event Booking
Tour Booking
Magazine Publishing
and more

What we are about